When You Didn’t Know You Knew…

When You Didn’t Know You Knew…

I’ve been meaning to post this for a while (you’ll see how long in just a moment) but life and being in the right frame of mind kept getting in the way. Having recently tested positive for Covid and therefore being confined to barracks means I’ve now got the time to relate something that happened to me in April 2019….

It’s Friday morning, probably the 19th and I’m sat in my office in Hammersmith with Tony Blackburn’s morning programme from BBC Berkshire on the radio. I’m doing little bits of admin and generally having a relaxed time as I always try to on a Friday. I’m suddenly aware that a song is playing and I’m singing along. It’s a song I can’t ever recall hearing and from a band I’ve not heard of. It’s called “Sky High”, is by Jigsaw and was released in 1975. If you want to hear it: https://youtu.be/QjtD8A-MWBc

I was 6 at the time; it’s perfectly feasible that I would have heard it on the radio then, very possibly on one of Mr. Blackburn’s programmes of the day. It’s also probably just as reasonable to say that it’s not a record that has had regular airplay in the intervening 40+ years since its release. A quick consult with my book of hit singles shows that it was in the chart for 11 weeks and peaked at number 9.

Of the probably tens of thousands of songs that I’ve heard in my life, how or why this particular one was in my head so vividly that I could remember all of the words, key changes and be able to keep to the tune is a mystery to me. For clarity, I really like it and it’s one of my most played since that Friday.

It does make me wonder what else is lurking in my head that I’ve no idea about….

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