Get Santa (2014) Review

Get Santa (2014) Review

Sceptical me said it was just another film cashing in on the seasonal feel-good factor, but with a cast that includes Jim Broadbent, Jodie Whittaker, Stephen Graham Joanna Scanlan and Rafe Spall in a role where he didn’t swear or beat anyone up, it promised to be so much more. And it was.

Trying not to give anything away (it’s a current release at the time of writing) Santa finds himself stuck in jail and needs the help of parolee Steve (Rafe Spall) and son Tom (played by Kit Connor in his debut role) to get out and “save” Christmas.

There are some clear influences from other films which include the 1981 classic “Time Bandits” with which “Get Santa” shares a number of cast members,  and “Shawshank Redemption” (1994).

I’m way outside the target demographic and would not have seen this film now without magic of Netflix – but if you are looking for a film to keep the younger ones entertained for a couple of hours in the upcoming school holidays then this has got to be worth considering. If you’re a someone who likes to stay to read the credit roller, be warned; they’re 4 minutes long!

In all, a solid British movie that’ll be a great Christmas treat for children of all ages (up to at least 45. Ahem!)

You can watch the trailer here

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